How Many Islands in Hawaii

How many islands in Hawaii? Hawaii is popular among tourists for its white sand beaches and other well-known tourist attractions. A cultural diverse place that offers various activities and spots for travelers, Hawaii is considered to be one of the best places for a vacation. Hawaii consists of 136 different islands, but what are some of the interesting facts that you should know about the place? Before you plan your trip, it helps that you get to know more about Hawaii and what it offers.


How Many Islands in Hawaii

How Many Islands in Hawaii

Hawaii consists of 136 islands, 7 of which are inhabited. The remaining islands are actually small islets and coral reefs.

The 7 islands that are inhabited include Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai and Niihau.

The most popular islands include Hawaii, Kauai and Maui. Each and every island is different as they offer unique travel experiences and tourist spots for travelers.

Oahu – With a total area of 596 square miles, Oahu is one of the biggest islands in Hawaii. It is considered to be one of the biggest islands in the United States, ranking number 20th across the whole country. The island is categorized in 5 different areas which include East Windward, North Shore, Central Oahu, Waianae Leeward and Honolulu. If you want to go around the whole island, it will take you about 3 hour’s drive. This island is also known as “The Gathering Place”. For one, it is heavily populated with almost a million in population.

Maui – Known for its beautiful beaches, Maui is considered to be the second biggest island. The island covers 727 square miles. Wailuku is the most populated city. Many tourists visit this island with its lush greenery, valleys and nice beaches. People rely on agriculture and tourism. Maui produces a wide range of products like sugar, mango, papaya, pineapple and a whole lot more.  The island has 2 major airports: the Kapalua and the Kahului Airport. The main airport of Maui is Kahului airport.

Kauai – This is the 4th biggest island and is considered to be the oldest of the islands. It has a nice landscape surrounded by coastal cliffs. It has one airport located on the southeastern part of the island – the Lihue Airport.


Facts About Hawaii


There are some interesting facts that few people know about Hawaii. Did you know that the Hawaiian alphabet has only 13 letters?

Another interesting fact is that the state of Hawaii has 8 different islands.

The Big Island, which is considered to be the biggest island, is officially known as Hawai’i. According to NASA, the Big Island just keeps getting bigger and bigger by about 42 acres every year. The Kilauea Volcano has been erupting for about 30 years. Apart from that, there is also the Mauna Loa which is the nest of the biggest volcanoes around the world.

Among the different states, Hawaii is actually good not just in growing commercial crops like cacao, coffee, vanilla beans, etc., but also with people. The state has one of the highest life expectancy in the county with about 81.3 years.

Another interesting fact about Hawaii is they consume most of the Spam products in the United States.


Hawaii Airport Codes

With the influx of visitors and tourists that go to Hawaii, there are various activities, tourist spots and other attractions to cater to the demand.

The state has commercial airports which include the following:

  • Lanai Airport
  • Molokai Airport
  • Hilo International Airport
  • Kona International Airport
  • Honolulu International Airport
  • Lihue Airport
  • Kahului Airport


Planning Your Hawaii Vacation


There is no doubt that Hawaii is one of the best places to visit. Whether you’re looking for a place where you can bond with your family and friends or a tourist destination, you cannot go wrong in choosing the Aloha state.

Hawaii has a lot to offer to its tourists. As an island that has an amazing natural landscape, there are so many activities that you can try.

In planning your vacation, you should start by booking your plane ticket and hotel accommodation. Your trip to Hawaii does not have to be super expensive. There are various deals that you can use and there are different ways for you to reduce costs. Planning your trip early is the first step.

Decide on which specific activities you want to try. Since you are already on the island, why not try water-related activities from island hopping, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, etc.?

There are tons of activities that will surely keep you busy. Hawaii is home to some of the best white sand beaches that you can find so you should definitely take the time to explore and enjoy these beaches.

But aside from the beach, there are other things that you can try and enjoy. Spend time with the locals and try the local cuisine.

Hawaii has a rich history and, for sure, you will have a great time with the locals. Participate in festivals and other local events to get to know more about Hawaii and its people.

Take time to enjoy the local cuisine. There are so many delectable dishes that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Delight your palate with some of the best Hawaiian dishes that you cannot find in any other state in the United States.

To enjoy a vacation in Hawaii, you do not necessarily have to incur high costs.

You just have to book your hotel accommodation and flights early so you can get discounts. Instead of going to Hawaii during peak season, for example, go during the lean season.

How Many Islands in Hawaii
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How Many Islands in Hawaii
Hawaii is popular among tourists for its white sand beaches and other well-known tourist attractions. A cultural diverse place that offers various activities and spots for travelers.
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