How Many Calories in Vodka

How many calories in vodka? After a day spent working, alcohol is a good stress reliever to drink with colleagues and friends. Drinking in moderation is truly not a bad thing. Not only do you get the chance to relax and to socialize with other people, it is also a good way to de-stress the body. Among the best and the most popular alcohol drinks is vodka. How many calories are in vodka depends on the serving size but does it also have health benefits? Many enjoy drinking vodka without really thinking much about the calorie content or the effects of having too much.


How Many Calories in Vodka

How Many Calories in Vodka

For people who are still health conscious but want to enjoy drinking vodka, you have to be careful especially since vodka has high alcohol and calorie content.

So, how many calories does vodka have? The calories would basically depend on the serving size.

For a one fl oz (27.8 g) of vodka that has 29 ml, you get to consume 64 calories.

If you’re conscious with your body, figure and health, this is a high calorie intake.

Although drinking too much vodka is bad for your health, we cannot also discount the fact that it has its health benefits. Few actually know that vodka also has its therapeutic value when consumed or applied directly to the body.

For one, it is known to reduce stress. When it comes to the different alcoholic beverages, vodka is the best choice if you want to relax.

By drinking vodka, it gives you a relaxed feeling. There are specific studies that support these findings. Experts found out that when you drink vodka, it decreases the stress levels in the body and is more effective than red wine when it comes to this aspect.

In fact, if you are having a hard time sleeping, one of the remedies is to either drink red wine or vodka. This alcohol drink has effective sleep-inducing properties.

In Russia, vodka is widely used to cure various ailments. It has analgesic properties that can be really useful. For instance, if you have a hangover or a cold, you can use vodka either as an anesthetic or consume it directly.

To numb the pain, you can also fill a bag with vodka and ice and apply it on the area that is aching. Vodka is also proven to be effective in relieving toothache. When you put just a small amount on the specific area, it can give you a big relief.

By taking in some vodka and allowing it to be absorbed, it can reduce the pain. You can even have vodka alongside cinnamon and use it as a mouthwash. This combination can cure any bad breath problem.

Drinking vodka in moderation also reduces your risk of heart diseases. It actually stimulates blood flow in the body. With this function, it prevents cardiovascular diseases like cardiac arrest or a stroke. Just like red wine, vodka can also promote having just the right amount of cholesterol needed by the body.

Surprisingly, vodka can give you healthy skin and hair. In the beauty department, it can give you a wide range of skin benefits. For one, vodka can effectively clean the pores and tighten them since it has astringent properties. This explains why there are so many beauty products like cleansers and toners that make use of vodka as one of their main ingredients.

Apart from the skin, vodka can also make your hair healthier. It can promote healthier growth and can even treat dandruff problems.

With all the benefits for the body, vodka can be used in other ways and with other applications. It’s widely used in the kitchen, for example. If you want to have a perfect crust when you cook or bake, using vodka can actually work. In addition to culinary usage, vodka also serves as a cleaning agent. It works as an effective cleanser.

Do you want to get rid of molds, germs and dirt? Using vodka is the best way.


Drinking Vodka: A Word of Caution


There is no doubt that vodka has a lot of surprising health benefits and other applications. But it is also important to note that you cannot drink too much.

So, how much is considered to be moderate?

According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 3-4 drinks a day is fine for men. For women, moderate vodka drinking is about 2 to 3 drinks per day.

Too much drinking of vodka can result in other problems as well. It can result in a faster heart rate that can lead to other health problems. It can also negatively affect your lungs and liver. As you drink a lot of vodka, it can result in too many adrenaline hormones which can make your body feel really tired.

Pregnant women should also avoid drinking vodka as it may lead to fetal alcohol syndrome. This is an impairment that can affect the baby in the womb.

In summary, vodka is an alcoholic drink that you can have to relax your body and mind. When taken in moderation, you will be amazed with all the benefits that it can offer.

Just make sure that you follow the recommended intake so you will not experience any problems, especially since it can also result in long term health problems such as different diseases and illnesses.

How Many Calories in Vodka
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How Many Calories in Vodka
Among the best and the most popular alcohol drinks is vodka. How many calories are in vodka depends on the serving size but does it also have health benefits?
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