How Many Calories in a Glass of Red Wine

How many calories in a glass of red wine? Red wine has a nice aroma and rich flavor that everyone loves. Whether you want to find a refreshing beverage to go alongside your meal or a to serve during special occasions, red wine will always be present. Over the years, there have been several studies conducted showing the different health benefits that one can get in drinking red wine. However, since red wine also contains alcohol and calories – about 85 in 100 ml – one should drink it in moderation and avoid drinking too much.


How Many Calories in a Glass of Red Wine

How Many Calories in a Glass of Red Wine Nutrition Facts

In drinking red wine, you will consume certain amount of calories. The calorie content will actually vary depending on the serving size.

Drinking one glass of red wine per day is not bad but drinking more can have negative health effects. So how many calories are in a glass of red wine?

For 100 ml red wine, it gives you about 85 calories. If you consume a much bigger glass that has 175 ml, you can consume 147 calories and for a 250 ml glass, it gives you 211 calories.

One bottle of red wine has 640 calories. Red wine also has nutritional facts that can give you certain vitamins and minerals.

It contains vitamin B, iron and magnesium which makes red wine a much preferred alcoholic beverage but also a very healthy one.


Red Wine Glasses


There are different of red wine glasses that can be categorized based on the size of the bowl and how round they are.

The Bordeaux glass is a taller glass with a broad bowl. If you are drinking Pinot noir, the best type of red wine glass to use is the Burgundy glass.

Comparing this to the previous red wine glass, it gives you a bigger bowl so you can smell the wine’s aroma.


Benefits of Drinking Red Wine


Red wine is known to give you different benefits that you cannot find in other alcoholic beverages. One of the benefits is that you can reduce your risk of having cancer.

There have been numerous studies supporting the claim that red wine can actually prevent cancer. In particular, when you consume red wine, it significantly reduces your risk of having breast cancer. Aside from breast cancer, it also lessens your risk of having lung cancer as wine contains a certain compound called quercetin.

Red wine also contains resveratrol that can prevent or reduce your risk of having heart disease. This compound is also known to deter the growth of cancer cells in the body.

What many like about red wine is that it contains antioxidant compounds that really work well in the body. With its amazing antioxidant properties, it can actually lower the levels of saturated fat found in the arteries. Therefore, this reduces your risk of having cardiovascular-related diseases.

It’s just important to be careful that you do not have too much red wine. Drinking in moderation can also work well for you as it gives you just the right amount of good and healthy cholesterol.

Are you having a hard time sleeping at night? Have you tried almost all remedies from drinking malt through meditation and you simply find it difficult to sleep?

One of the most effective remedies for you to have a good sleep is to drink red wine. When you drink wine, it has melatonin that can actually help you sleep much better. In the event that you’re still experiencing sleeplessness for a long period of time, it helps that you consult your doctor right away because drinking too much will do no good.

Another amazing benefit of red wine is that if you have a cold and are having a hard time breathing, this is the best remedy available.

By drinking red wine regularly, you no longer have to experience this problem. In a report released by the American Journal of Epidemiology, it was found out that people who took red wine had 44% lower chances of having colds compared to those who did not drink wine.

Red wine is also beneficial for the skin. It contains antioxidant compounds that can remove the toxins in the body and can slow down the aging process. If you want to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, drinking red wine is one of the best ways to combat the signs of aging.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, red wine can also aid in the prevention of type 2 diabetes.

It can also make your bones stronger and healthier. With all the benefits that you can get by drinking red wine, there are a lot of reasons why you should drink it. Just make sure that this does not result in excessive drinking, though.


Choosing a Red Wine

When it comes to choosing a red wine, there are different varieties to choose from. If you’re looking for a red wine that has a delicate flavor, you can go for the Pinot noir.

On the other hand, if you’re in search of a heavy taste that will go well with pasta and barbecue, the best wine to have is the Zinfadel.

Sangiovese is perfect to pair with Italian or Mediterranean dishes. For a wine that is versatile and you can easily match with any dish, there is the Barbera vine.

Your choice of red wine will actually depend on your taste and other preferences. But whatever you choose, you can definitely enjoy the rich and exquisite flavor of red wine.

How Many Calories in a Glass of Red Wine
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How Many Calories in a Glass of Red Wine
Red wine has a nice aroma and rich flavor that everyone loves. Whether you want to find a refreshing beverage to go alongside your meal or a to serve during special occasions, red wine will always be present.
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