How Many Calories in a Shot of Whiskey

How many calories in a shot of whiskey? To relieve stress and to socialize with people, many go to bars or have whiskey at home. Drinking a few shots during special occasions will not hurt but what oftens happens is that people tend to drink too much. Drinking whiskey is a good way to relax and distress the body. You just have to remember that everything done in excess can negatively affect your overall health. When you take in one fl oz, for example, you’re looking at about 64 calories.


How Many Calories in a Shot of Whiskey

How Many Calories in a Shot of Whiskey

Many of those who like drinking whiskey would ask how many calories are in a glass of whiskey. This actually depends on the serving size.

For one standard serving which is equal to 42 grams of whiskey, you get to have 97 calories.

For a one fl oz (27.9 g) of vodka that has 29 ml, you get to consume 64 calories.

But since there are different kinds of whiskey available in the market, the calorie content also varies from one to another. So, what is a standard drink?

In the United States, the standard drink has 14 grams of alcohol. Although there is nothing wrong in drinking alcoholic beverages like whiskey, it’s very important that you take it in moderation.

Aside from the calories and the alcohol content, excessive drinking may also have other health repercussions.


How Many Carbs are in Whiskey?

All of the food that we eat contains carbohydrates. If you are really conscious about your figure and overall health, as much as possible, you’ll want to make sure that you get to have just enough carbohydrates.

In the case of whiskey, it does not contain carbohydrates.


Difference Between Whisky and Whiskey


Are you confused between the words whisky and whiskey? Do they refer to the same thing?

This has been causing confusion among people. So, is there really a difference? Basically, they are the same.

The Scottish would spell the word whisky while the Irish would add an e to the word, making it whiskey.

Whether it is whisky or whiskey, the two are the same. It just so happens that there is a different in spelling since Irish and Scottish both make use of different translations.

Whiskey with a letter ‘e’ refers to whiskeys that are made by the Americans. This is because the Irish immigrants who went to the United States brought with them whiskey.

Just like other alcoholic beverages, there are now a wide variety of whiskeys from different countries. But how is whiskey created?

The difference in the product would lie on the distillation process. This is where the difference usually occurs. For instance, whiskey from Ireland is distilled 3 times while Scottish and American only have 2 distillation processes.

In distilling the whiskey three times, it gives a final product that has a lighter and a much smoother taste. Another main difference would be the shape and the size of the stills.

These are used during the distillation process. The Irish and the Americans make use of different stills. In America, pot stills are utilized. These pot stills are relatively shorter and fatter. On the other hand, the Scottish make use of different sizes and shapes of stills.

With Scottish whiskey, you get to enjoy a wide range and diversity of flavors compared to the other choices.


Use of Peat and Grains

The use of peat in drying malted barley before undergoes the mashing and milling process is also one of the main differences. Scotland makes use of peat to influence the kind of flavor they want to produce.

This part of the whiskey-making process makes the product from Scotland give you a fuller taste. Americans and the Irish use wood instead of peat to make the taste of the whiskey much lighter. But depending on the brand, there are exceptions.

There are producers in Ireland like, for example, Connemara, which utilizes peat to create a richer and smoky whiskey.

When it comes to the use of grains, these three countries greatly vary. The Scots make use of malted barley. But in Ireland, they use not just malted barley; they add other kinds of grains.

The reason behind this is that it’s expensive to get barley in Ireland compared to Scotland which makes it expensive to produce whiskey using all malted barley.

In the United States, there are different ingredients that are used. They combine different kinds of grains in the making process.

Over the years, the ingredients have evolved and changed, which makes American whiskey almost the same as the ones produced by the Irish and Scottish.


The Distilleries


Whiskeys are produced in distilleries. The oldest facility was found in Ireland, which has been producing whiskeys since 1608.

The oldest distillery opened in Scotland way back in 1772.

In the United States, the first distillery was established in the 18th century in Bourbon County, Kentucky. To date, there are only 7 of these distilleries that are still in operation.

These distilleries include the following: Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey, Marker’s Mark, Jim Beam, Four Roses, Bernheim and Buffalo Trace.

Other distilleries are located in Tennessee like Jack Daniels and George Dickel.


Drinking Whiskey

There are different kinds of whiskeys produced and you can simply choose which one you like. If you want a fuller and a smoky-tasting whiskey, you should go for the ones created by the Scottish.

If you’re into a lighter taste then you should go for American and Irish whiskeys.

Drinking whiskey on a few occasions is not bad at all. Just make sure that you take it in moderation.

How Many Calories in a Shot of Whiskey
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How Many Calories in a Shot of Whiskey
Many of those who like drinking whiskey would ask how many calories are in a glass of whiskey. This actually depends on the serving size. For one standard serving which is equal to 42 grams of whiskey, you get to have 97 calories.
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