How Many Teeth Do Children Have

How many teeth do children have? Having a nice set of white teeth is important, especially as a part of a person’s physical appearance. It’s crucial for parents to take care of their kid’s oral health as early as possible. To do that, it helps to have some knowledge when it comes to teeth, along with the different tips that can be used in order for the kids to grow healthy, strong, white teeth. For children, they have about 20 milk teeth, but what if they encounter tooth pain and other dental problems, how do you help them?


How Many Teeth Do Children Have

How Many Teeth Do Children Have

The teeth of babies will start to develop before they are born. However, there are some who take 6 to 12 months old before they develop teeth.

Children have 20 milk, also known as baby teeth, when they reach three years old. When they reach 5 or 6 years old, the teeth will start to fall out. This process is natural as the baby teeth fall out for adult or permanent teeth.

When they reach the age of 12 to 14 years old, children will lose their baby teeth and start having adult teeth. There are 32 adult teeth.

A tooth is made up of different substances. The tooth above the gum is known as the crown which is is covered in enamel, which serves as a tough substance that protects the teeth. Enamel protects the sensitive parts of a tooth.

Apart from the enamel, there is dentine. This substance is what makes up of the tooth. It protects the inner part of the teeth and the pulp which is responsible for blood supply.

This is crucial to ensure that the tooth is healthy. On the other hand, the nerve endings are responsible for sending signals to the brain like, for instance, when you’re eating hot or cold food. These nerve endings are also responsible for sending signals to the brain if you have damaged teeth.

There are basically different types of teeth. The first one is known as the incisors. They are located at the front, both in the upper and lower jaw. It has a cutting edge used for cutting food.

Another type is the canine, also known as the vampire teeth. They are located in the lower and upper jaws. Canines are used to tear the food.

For crushing the food, there is the premolar. In grinding the food, there are the molars.

For parents, it’s essential to know the teething process. It gets more difficult, especially since babies have weaker immune systems and not to mention the fact that they also have the tendency to put just anything in their mouth.

When your baby starts with the teething process, there are symptoms that you will start to notice. These include the following: drooling, rashes, runny nose and varying sleeping patterns. This process takes about 8 days.

In order for your child to have nice set of teeth, it’s important for your child to learn the right oral hygiene as early as possible.


Caring for primary teeth is also crucial. There are instances wherein kids may also have decaying teeth. This can cause severe pain if not treated.

Caring for primary teeth is important, especially since your kids should be able to learn the right and proper oral hygiene at a very young age. At age 6, kids start to lose their teeth in order to give way to adult teeth. This is normal for any child and among girls and boys, girls lose their teeth way earlier compared to boys.

As a parent, how do you deal with it if ever your kids start to lose teeth?

Here are some soothing techniques that you might want to try.

First is that you can massage the sore tooth with clean fingers. You can also apply cold pressure to reduce inflammation and to remove any discomfort.

For kids over 6 months, there are unsweetened and sugar-free teething biscuits. If your child starts to feel pain, there is always a pain reliever that you can directly apply and use.

One of which is the use of paracetamol. This is effective for kids. Another medicine is Ibuprofen which is also a very effective medicine. But just be careful since this may cause adverse reactions.

Apart from these soothing techniques and the available medicines, there are other treatments available. You can use a teething necklace. This is specially created to hasten the healing process. Another one is the use of teething gels.

Aside from these treatments and techniques, the most important thing is to be there for your child. Reassure your kid that it’s a natural process to lose teeth and is not something that they should be afraid of. Help them understand that they will be replaced with new and stronger teeth. If ever things get worse then it’s always best to go directly to the dentist.


Teeth Extractions

To avoid tooth decay travelling to another tooth, the dentist may conduct a tooth extraction procedure.

As soon as you notice that your kid is experiencing pain, you need to consult a dentist immediately. Extracting the tooth is necessary especially if there is already tooth decay or major teeth injury.

How Many Teeth Do Children Have
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How Many Teeth Do Children Have
Having a nice set of white teeth is important, especially as a part of a person's physical appearance. It’s crucial for parents to take care of their kid's oral health as early as possible.
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