How Many Islands Does Croatia Have

Do you know how many islands does Croatia have? Croatia is rich in beautiful islands that attract an increasing number of tourists every year. To help you find the number of islands, we bring you the names and the exact number of islands in Croatia.


The Exact Number of Croatian Islands?

Thanks to this large number of islands and islets, Croatia is one of the most indented countries in the Mediterranean, but also the rest of the world. Each of these islands has a special history, beautiful sights, and coasts that are overwhelming the number of tourists every year.

According to the latest data, there are currently 1244 large and slightly smaller islands in Croatia. Its important to note that not all of these islands are inhabited – only 67 of them are inhabited.

In the past, there has been a problem with the right number of islands in Croatia because there was a different interpretation of what islands really are?! For example, the Hydrographic Institute of Croatia defines that an island is every landform surrounded by water that has a surface larger that one square kilometer.

The smaller landforms between 0.1-1 km2 are declared as islets as well, but landform smaller than 0.1 square kilometers are defined as rocks.


The Best Way to Explore Croatian Islands


The best way to explore Croatian Islands, discover and enjoy their Mediterranean charm and blend – is by small ship Croatia cruises.

Croatia cruises are unique from many other European cruises because, aside from crystal clean sea and numerous wild and man-made mooring spots, Croatia has one of the largest archipelagos on the Mediterranean which consists of 1244 islands in total.

With “island hoping” cruises, you have the chance to enjoy in many of them. Cruise routes are carefully selected and developed over the years so you are guaranteed to maximize your experience while enjoying in this type of Croatia vacations.

Also, small ship cruises in Croatia enable a personal touch with each passenger and represent the best value of time and money.



The Largest Croatian islands

The largest islands in Croatia are Cres, Krk, Brač, Hvar, Pag, Korčula, Dugi otok, Mljet, Vis, and Rab. It is important to mention that it has a long time been believed that the island of Krk is actually the largest island in Croatia, which was a mistake. Although the difference is not large, Cres is still the largest Croatian island.


5 Largest Croatia Islands


Island of Cres

Situated within the Kvarner Archipelago in the North Adriatic sea, Cres is the biggest Croatian island with approximately 3,184 residents in total. Except for its natural beauty, Cres Island is known because Lubenice Beach (ST. Ivan Beach) which was declared one of the best Mediterranean beaches.


Island of Krk


Krk Island is the 2nd biggest island in Croatia. Located in the North Adriatic sea, this island is connected to Croatia land by a bridge called „Krčki most“. Except for its natural beauty, Krk Island is well known for its history and cultural heritage as well as beautiful beaches.


Island of Brač

bol island brac croatia

Brač island is located in the Dalmatian region of Croatia and it’s considered the tallest Croatian island (when its dry weather, especially Bura wind from the north direction, its possible to see Italy). The island has a surface of 394 km2, its 14 kilometers wide and 48 kilometers long.

The landmark of Brač is the world-famous beach called Zlatni rat – a kilometer long pebble beach that is constantly changing its shape depending on the sea currents and wind direction. Brač is also well known for its natural stone called „Brački Kamen“ which was used for building many buildings such as Diocletian palace, UN building in New York, House of Parliament in Budapest, and more.


Island of Hvar


Situated in the Central Dalmatian archipelago, the island of Hvar is the longest island in Croatia with a surface of 300 km2, 10.5 kilometers wide, and 68.2 kilometers long.

Well known for its intact natural beauty and beaches, Hvar will instantly capture Your attention with its Mediterranean charm and amazing cultural heritage.


Island of Pag


Pag is the strangest island of Croatia, mainly because of its lunar-like landscape without plants and trees. Regarding a 2011 census, on the island, there are almost 3000 residents in total.

The island is located in the North Adriatic and its connection with the mainland by a bridge called „Paški most“. When visiting Pag You must try Pag lamb and Pag cheese – 2 things the residents of Pag are very proud of. Pag is also well known for its saltworks and wild nightlife in the Novalja region.

In a little village called „Lun“ – situated in the northern region of Pag Island, there are impressive specimens of olive trees old more than 1000 years.


5 Unique Shaped Croatian Islands

Croatia has 1244 islands in total, and some of them are pretty popular as tourist destinations like Brač, Hvar, Krk, Korčula,… Today we listed 5 unusual islands that are not so popular but are naturally /man shaped in a unique way.


Gaz Island / Fish Island

Gaz Fish Island Brijuni croatia

An essential part of Brijuni Islands National Park in Croatia, the Gaz Island is well known for its natural fish shape. This island is not inhabited and has a surface of 0,062511 km².


Galešnjak or Love / Heart Island

Galesnjak_island_ Love_Heart_Island_Croatia

The most popular heart-shaped island in the world – Galešnjak, is situated in Croatia, just a couple of kilometers from the town of Zadar – in the Pašman channel. Galešnjak is a privately owned island with a surface of  0,132 km2 square meters. The island is not inhabited.

Firstly recorded by Napolean’s cartographer in the early 19th century,  Galešnjak Island became popular in 2008. when was spotted on Google Earth.


Baljenac (Bavljenac) Island / Fingerprint Island

Bavljenac-fingerprints island croatia

Even this island is not natural made like others on this list, the Baljenac island represents an artistic man-made wonder. Intercrossed with numerous stone walls made by human hand („suhozid“), the walls structures on Baljenac island look like a large fingerprint.

The dry walls structures were made for agricultural purposes, especially for cultivate fruits and grapevines. Baljenac island, also popularly called „Fingerprint Island“ is located in the Šibenik archipelago. The island has an area of 0,14 km² and it is not inhabited.

Recently, there has been an initiative to put this amazing island on the UNESCO World Heritage listing.


St. Mary Island / Island Within an Island

mljet isalnd national park st mary island

Located inside the Mljet National Park on the greenest Croatia island – Mljet, St. Mary Island is really an island within an island. The fascinating fact is that the island is built on the southern part, inside a saltwater lake – The Great lake.

The little island inside a lake has a surface of 0.5 ha and became famous because of the Benedictine monastery from the 12th century. Considered a unique natural phenomenon, the Benedictine monastery and the lakes are proclaimed the symbol of Mljet Island and its National park.


Ljuljevac Island – St. Nicholas Fortress

St.-Nicholas-Fortress ljuljevac island Croatia

Ljuljevac island is situated in the Šibenik archipelago, in the Adriatic sea. Originally constructed in the 16th century, the Ljuljevac Island has become famous beacuse the St. Nicholas Fortress which was a part of the Venetian defense against Turkish.

The real purpose of building a stone-walled structure like this fortress was for preventing the Turkish navy from entering the Šibenik port. The microlocation of this island had an amazing strategic value because it was built at the entrance in the St. Ante channel near the town of Šibenik.

Today, St. Nicholas Fortress is a proud member of UNESCO World Heritage Sites list (inscribed in July 2017 and represent one of the best-preserved Venetian military defense bases in Croatia.




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How Many Islands Does Croatia Have
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Do you know how many islands does Croatia have? Croatia is rich in beautiful islands that attract an increasing number of tourists every year. To help you finding the number of islands, we bring you the names and exact number of islands in Croatia.
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