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You are shopping for a new electronic gadget, but the measurement is in centimeters. You’re familiar with inches, so you ask the question, is it the correct size? That is what this website is for, to give you information about cm to inches conversions and the many different ways you can perform them . As you’ll see, there are many ways to do this. 


CM to Inches Converter

The first way is also the most convenient. With our cm to inches online converter, you just need to type the value in centimeters. Add a decimal point if required. Once you have entered the numbers in the cm field, the converter automatically converts it into inches. Once you are done calculating or made a mistake with the numbers, click the reset button.

That is all you need to do to get the cm to inches conversion done right. If you have been encountering difficulty getting your head around these conversions, this online converter will get the job done.


CM to Inches – Unit Definition

Centimeter Definition_What is a centimeter

Centimeters Definition: A centimeter is the same length as 1/100 of a meter. Also spelled as cm, it is a measurement used in the metric system. The centimeter also served as the base of centimetre–gram–second (CGS) measuring system. It is also spelled as centimetre in the United Kingdom.

1 centimeter is equal to 0.01 meters and 10 millimeters. You will also find the centimeter used in object measurements in many countries that use the metric system (along with the meter). The centimeter is also now used to express the amount of rainfall via a rain gauge system.


Inches Definition: The inch (abbreviated as in. or the “) is one of the most widely used measuring systems in the imperial system. While many countries use the centimeter and the metric system, the US still prefers to use inches. An inch is a twelfth of a foot and a 36th of one yard. The size of the inch used to vary, but since the 1960s, an inch has become equivalent to 2.54 cm. The United States uses the inch for many of its products, and so does Canada and the UK. Its abbreviation in. is also its international symbol.


CM to Inches – Conversion Chart

If calculating figures and conversions seem like too much work, you may refer to this conversion instead. Just use this cm to inches conversion chart as a quick reference guide so you can figure out the equivalent without calculating.

Centimeters (cm) Inches Centimeters (cm) Inches
1 cm = 0.3937″ 11 cm = 4.3307″
2 cm = 0.7874″ 12 cm = 4.7244″
3 cm = 1.1811″ 13 cm = 5.1181″
4 cm = 1.5748″ 14 cm = 5.5118″
5 cm = 1.9685″ 15 cm = 5.9055″
6 cm = 2.3622″ 16 cm = 6.2992″
7 cm = 2.7559″ 17 cm = 6.6929″
8 cm = 3.1496″ 18 cm = 7.0866″
9 cm = 3.5433″ 19 cm = 7.4803″
10 cm = 3.9370″ 20 cm = 7.8740″


How Many Inches is a Centimeter?

One centimeter has 0.393701 inches, so how do you figure out how many centimeters there are in a given figure? To make things easier for you, just keep the following in mind.

A single inch is the same as 2.54 cm, so to get the length or height in inches, divide the centimeter figure by 2.54. As an example: if an object measures 5.98 centimeters and you want to get the size in inches, divide it by 2.54.

5.08 divided by 2.54 is 2, so 5.08 cm is equal to 2 inches. Another way to calculate is to multiply the centimeter with 0.3937. 0.3937 x 5.08 gives you 1.99, so it is close enough.

These methods, along with the others that we have outlined here, only go to show how imperative it is to make accurate conversions. Until all countries start using a common system of measurement, it will be necessary to make these conversions.

There are some who may think these conversions are only for the professionals or students. But the fact is a lot of the products we buy use either inches or centimeters. By knowing how these conversions, there will be less chance of mistakes.


Convert CM to Inches

CM to Inches

As we have shown, there are good reasons to learn how to convert cm to inches. But which method is the most efficient? The answer is it depends on what you are comfortable with.

For many, the best option is the cm to inches converter like the one we have here.  The nice thing about this converter is you don’t need to know any of the intricate details that are usually involved in measurement conversions. Once you have entered the numbers you just wait for the converter to display the results.

Whether you’re looking for centimeters to inches or the other way around, you get the results quick and easy. Or you could just print the cm to inches conversion chart we have and use that for reference the next time you need to convert something. It is easy and the more you rely on the chart, the more you quickly you memorize the numbers.

Of course if you don’t have a calculator or electronic gadget with you, it is easier to simply work the figures out manually. That is the reason why we showed you all the different options and methods so you know all the options.


CM to Inches

The metric system is used throughout the world, and the centimeter is one of the primary units of measurement. From electronic devices to household items and furnishings, they’re everywhere.

The same thing with inches, and many times manufacturers use one over the other. They don’t always give out the centimeter or inch equivalent which can be frustrating. It can also lead to errors when computing how large an object is.

With this cm to inches conversion guide however, you now know precisely how to convert centimeters (cm) to inches and back. To summarize what we already have done here, you simply need to divide the centimeter (regardless of the figure) by 2.54.

With 2.54 as the divisor, you will get an accurate number for the inch equivalent. Whether it is 22 cm, 42 cm or a 100 cm, always divide it by 2.54 and you will get the length in inches.

A lot of the problems that arise from calculating inches and centimeters are due to lack of knowledge about how the numbers function. But as has been demonstrated in this cm to inches conversion guide, you only need basic knowledge of math to get the figures right. With the proper approach, you cannot go wrong converting cm to inches.





International System of Units

International Bureau of Weights and Measures

CGS System of Units

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